Courtesy: Pixabay
This is a frugal trick for saving a small amount of money. We pay a lot of money for our personal software. For example, Microsoft Office, Multi-media Players, Games, Social Media, Applications for PCs etc. 

Sometimes it costs a lot. We will give you the links here. You can download them free of charges.  

There is no hidden charge to download them. We gave here a complete list of your necessary software as well as links. Please click on the options that you needed: 
  • Games: (Game Loop, Brawl Stars, Plant v Zombies, and many more). 
  • Multimedia: (VLC Player, GOM Player, KM Player, Adobe Photoshop CC, Free YouTube Download and more.)
  • Office-News: (Micro Soft Word, Office Service Pack, Adobe Acrobats Reader)
  • Learning: (Typing Master, Feed Reader, Sharp Reader)
  • File-Sharing: (Adobe Flash Player, uTorrent, BitTorrent, Internet Download Manager)


Just click on your desired zone listed above and find your expected software.