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The whole world today is plagued by viruses and damaged overall. Economists estimate that the lockdown during Covid-19 will reduce the UK’s GDP by 9% this year. However, around nine million of workforces are at risk of losing their jobs. While a small proportion of the total population enjoys the “stay at home” period, the majority are thinking about post-COVID healthy income.

On the one hand, the medical researchers are trying to find out the remedy for this fatal viral disease. On the other hand, the economists are looking for a potential doorway to healthy earnings. In addition, they are trying to figure out how a person can make money in a health-conscious and health-friendly manner. We know that health is closely linked to income and sick health has such a bad effect on it.

Moreover, it poses a threat to the development of the country. So there is no substitute for healthy human resources to boost the economy. As a result, some steps need to be taken at the individual and government level for a post-virus healthy income.

What is a healthy income?

We should be aware of healthy income before going ahead to the discussion.

Healthy income means earning from a variety of sources that provide someone with the money he or she needs to sustain his or her expenses,” according to Personal Finance.

There is no numerically fixed amount of healthy income, as it is related to the number of family members. In this context, we can say for example, that healthy foods are needed to meet the overall requirements of our body. Similarly, a person needs a regular healthy income to meet the overall needs of the family.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 has snatched away this opportunity from the large proportion of the people. Even this unseen disaster has put many people on the path.

Potential income opportunity after Covid-19

This has become an important question all over the world. What kind of action plan will make a healthy income in the post-Corona situation?

Although it was initially thought that the epidemic would soon be eradicated from the country. As a result, the government decided to lock down immediately without thinking about economic losses. We are aware that the lion's share of the UK's GDP comes primarily from services. And tourism, schools, these are all included in the service.

In order to reactivate the economic situation, the lockdown will have to be relaxed on the basis of initially considering the COVID infected areas.

The following methods can be used to create healthy income opportunities. Research shows that the economic stability of any country in the world depends largely on the healthy human resources of that country. But in order to transform that human resource into money, we need a healthy way of working.